On the heels of a post about cake, lets discuss exercise. You have to be able to eat cake and feel good about it right? So anyway, a new gym has opened up in town. It is bright and shiny and the music is too loud. I loved it. I got arguably one of the best workouts I’ve had in a decade.

The problem is it is outrageously expensive. In no way do I begrudge their pricing structure. It is affordable like certain other trendy gyms are, but for a working parent in the Bay Area I don’t want to have to choose between food and a workout class. The prices make sense to get people to commit to multiple classes a week to reduce the each day cost. I get it. I totally respect and understand it. If it was even slightly less expensive I would consider it…if ANY of the class times actually would work for me.

So I’m sad its not going to work out, but I have been re-motivated to work out. So i’m thinking of purchasing a FitBit, downloading custom workouts and giving it a go. Pray for me folks. This could be an dually grueling and entertaining adventure.

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