Our default is to say, “I just want to see you happy.” I think this can be misleading. Happiness is an emotion right? Would you want to feel one emotion all the time? Fear? Anger? Euphoria? You’d walk around looking scary or crazy.

So, no I don’t want to just “be happy,” I want to feel it all. I want to be content and settled in my “off” time. I want to feel less stress. Less worry. I want to be able to sit on a bench and watch rowers pass by on the water. Let my ice cream get a little drippy because I’m savoring every bite.

Today, I’m going to choose to find happiness in little things. This will help me fight the stresses going on in my life right now. Here is a sample list of what makes me happy right now.

  1. My husband’s sleepily mumbled “good mornings”
  2. My baby clapping his hands and pointing at me
  3. Long walks around the neighborhood talking about dreams with my husband
  4. BBQ’s with friends with the smell of meat grilling, watermelon chilling, and a cold beer in my hand
  5. Escaping into a good book and sometimes re-reading books to visit old friends

Choose Happy Today People.

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