Down Down Down the Target Rabbit Hole

Inevitably I walk into Target with a list. A very concise list. Sometimes my list is even by category. Why then, do I ALWAYS forget something and buy unnecessary “necessary” things? But in all seriousness, I typically do go to Target with a very detailed list then find other items I actually did forget to add to said list. It’s not all impulsive “stuff”. The simple truth is, I know my Target better than I know some close friends houses. I can tell you the aisle my most frequent purchase are on. Let me tell you why.

When I was pregnant and unemployed (no that isn’t the beginning of a country western song), I would go to Target to just get out to of the house. I would update the baby registry. I would decorate imaginary rooms in my head in the housewares aisles. I would simply wonder to people watch. I can not tell you how many hours I wasted at Target, but when I needed it to keep me moving, to get me out of the house and away from the 1,000 episodes of NCIS I watched (don’t judge), Target was there. It wasn’t exactly a sanctuary, but it was something that kept me from feeling all alone in a new town with unexpected free time on my hands.

Being pregnant and alone isn’t always a great thing. Sure, I didn’t have the stress work adds to pregnancy, I got to stay off of my feet and eat healthy from home. But on the flip side it was lonely and isolating. Target was a beacon of sorts to help me keep my sanity. I know i’m not alone in these thoughts. I’ve had discussions with others as well. There is just something about Target’s familiarity that brings peace to a stressed out woman like me.

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