Inevitably I walk into Target with a list. A very concise list. Sometimes my list is even by category. Why then, do I ALWAYS forget something and buy unnecessary “necessary” things? But in all seriousness, I typically do go to Target with a very detailed list then find other items I actually did forget to add to said list. It’s not all impulsive “stuff”. The simple truth is, I know my Target better than I know some close friends houses. I can tell you the aisle my most frequent purchase are on. Let me tell you why.

When I was pregnant and unemployed (no that isn’t the beginning of a country western song), I would go to Target to just get out to of the house. I would update the baby registry. I would decorate imaginary rooms in my head in the housewares aisles. I would simply wonder to people watch. I can not tell you how many hours I wasted at Target, but when I needed it to keep me moving, to get me out of the house and away from the 1,000 episodes of NCIS I watched (don’t judge), Target was there. It wasn’t exactly a sanctuary, but it was something that kept me from feeling all alone in a new town with unexpected free time on my hands.

Being pregnant and alone isn’t always a great thing. Sure, I didn’t have the stress work adds to pregnancy, I got to stay off of my feet and eat healthy from home. But on the flip side it was lonely and isolating. Target was a beacon of sorts to help me keep my sanity. I know i’m not alone in these thoughts. I’ve had discussions with others as well. There is just something about Target’s familiarity that brings peace to a stressed out woman like me.

Some days I struggle with work life balance more than others. Today is one of those days. It’s beautiful outside. I mean light marbled clouds in the big blue sky beautiful days. I mean Friday with only two conference calls type of beautiful days. I mean going to the GIANTS game tonight type of beautiful days. So, I decided to make all-day, simmer in a pot, forced to smell goodness chili for a BBQ tomorrow. Good idea? In retrospect, no. Now all I want to do is sit outside in the garden and eat chili.

I have what my husband and his friends call, the “Itis”. The Itis is basically when you can’t focus on anything worthwhile at work anymore. It’s the work equivalent of summer vacation for kids. You can taste freedom, but you have to wait a few more short hours. This is usually the time you go back to the break room and ask people what their plans are for the weekend, you may go for a walk to grab coffee, you may look up non-related work subject on your computer to pass the time. Whatever your Itis may be, I have it bad today. So enjoy your weekend! Get outside and do something fun. It IS nearly summer after all.

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